Registration Placement & Regrouping
Class placement takes place every season and is at the discretion of the director.  Changes are made to benefit the student and is according to training, ability, effort, self-confidence and age.  Age does not always matter.  Attendance from prior dance season and participation of student also plays a major role in the class placement decision.  Dancers are not placed with the same group of students every season.  As the dancer makes progress, the time will come when they must be regrouped.  At the appropriate time, the dancer will be moved if they are able to keep up when placed in the level of consideration.  Students will not excel when placed in an incorrect situation, which can be harmful and non-beneficial.  Carpooling & grouping of friends has nothing to do with class placement.  The director will always choose class placement for each student with care.
Please Trust the Dance Instructors Professional Judgement.