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2015 Recital Performance  "I Run For Life"

Dance Fantasies Dance Studio has been family-owned and operated since 1990. From our humble beginning on the corner of Fifth and Olivia Street in Derby, CT, we have moved on up to Main Street and never looked back. Each student has a story to tell and we are honored to help them accomplish this through the art of dance. Our primary curriculum includes study in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz, as well as Tumbling for young children, Pointe and Lyrical (after a strong foundation of Ballet has been achieved), Master Classes, and unique workshops with world-renowned choreographers. Some attend for the discpline itself, others for sport, some for healing, and still others for reasons that they have yet to discover. We have seen wallflowers become shining stars on the center stage; our students have performed at local nursing homes and also had the opportunity to study with The Radio City Music Hall Rockette Intensive Program.  We believe each step our students take is one on the way to greatness. It is our privilege to know you each by name. Thanks in advance for choosing us.

our curriculum


Focuses on technique exercises that will teach poise, grace, balance and strength. It is necessary art form and foundation for the dancer.


Teaches the dancer how to use rhythmic sounds and tempo with the feet. A percussive class in which both contemporary and traditional styles are taught.


A Rhythmic stylized form of dance conceived in America. Many influences make up the energy of Jazz.


Incorparates light tumbling, creative movement and play. Also some Hippity Hop.


Lyrical Contemporary
Fluid, smooth and controlled movement which conveys a story. All Ballet technique is involved.


Hip Hop JazzFunk
Movement made to Rap, Funk, Rhythm & Blues. This style was created in the 1980's.


class for both girls & boys

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Dance Fantasies Dance Studio - it's not exercise, it's an experience!!!