Competition Season

Our Competition students must be chosen by the director. All students must be on task and able to keep up with other members.  They must have great attendance, proper, polished technique and a good attitude. They must be able to handle the work involved. All competitors attend many long hours of rehearsals.   These students attend competition rehearsals, along with their weekly classes and additional rehearsals on Friday, Saturday and some Sundays.  They also attend master classes. The Competition students have enhanced their dance technique and did a phenomenal job, at the competitions they participated in.  They have grown so much. This is a great bonding experience for all of them. Each student shows more strength and confidence in class. Congratulations to all! (See our gallery for group photos.)

COMPETITION 2020 (To be determined by the director) Tentative
Groove Competition                              February 14-16
Ticket To Broa                                         March 6-8
Kids Artistic Revue                                March 13-15

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